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We have some good news in that we have been offered a visit to RAF Linton-on-Ouse to take place on a Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday date to be arranged but will try for just after Easter when weather a bit better.

This will include:

1015 Arrival
1030 - 1130 Visit to Air Traffic Control
1130 - 1230 Close-up look at a Tucano in a maintenance hangar (hosted by student pilots)
1230 - 1330 Lunch in the Offciers’ Mess (cost around £4 per person)
1330 - 1430 Tour of our Memorial Room (museum).
1430 Departure

There is a very good viewing area to watch the activity from. We can take up to 20 persons so please email me if you wish to go and we are always looking for drivers. I suggest a price of £5.00 each to cover the cost of the meal plus donation to station funds.

The next trip to North Coates will be for the Spring Fly-in on Saturday 12th May. I will put up a list at the next meeting.

Then we have our annual trip to Amsterdam on Monday 21st May , Flights gone up to £101 but may get 10% off still.

Finally If we have enough support then we could run a coach trip to RAF Cosford Air Display on Sunday June 10th. Total cost will be in the region of £25 entrance fee plus the same for the coach but it should be a great day out with the only RAF sponsored display plus the fantastic Museum with the experimental aircraft and the only place you can see all 3 V Bombers !

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