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The annual outing to Amsterdam was very well attended and we were blessed with superb weather, no flight delays and a good day was had by all. The top floor eateries are still out of commission and there is no screen with registrations on but FR24 filled many gaps..Look out in the next mag for a vist to the The Museum of Science and Industry at Manchester and NOW CONFIRMED Ravenair at Liverpool in September. Email me with your ideas and Ill see what can be done.

East Midlands the Aeropark are having an enthusiasts day on Thursday 14th June. I know its short notice but Ill be going. Anyone need a lift email me.

PARIS Musee de Lair et Espace The Dugny store open days this year are September 15th & 16th. If anyone else is interested in going then please email me. There are far more aircraft in the storage area than on display at Le Bourget and then there are the biz jets as well..
Local Events

Sutton Bank regional Gliding competition is 12-18 August. I am planning to go on Saturday 18th again if anyone interested, please email me, Also Slingsby Vintage gliding week is 26th August to 01 September so ditto for that.

Sherburn RAC Air Race Saturday July 14th and BAA aerobatic competition on September 22nd

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